Losing a competition after spending hundreds of hours doing research, building a team and carefully crafting a proposal is a great disappointment.

Today, winning government contracts are no longer based solely on who has the best technical solution. Often it boils down to lowest price, technically acceptable bids, even when the evaluation criteria claims to be “Best Value”. 

Don’t be the first to race to the bottom. Book profitable orders.

Until now your choice:  

  • Analyzing in house

  • Hiring expensive Price to Win consultants, whose focus is winning, but not always profitably.

Game Changing Business Model Distruptor– Now you can quickly access high level decision support systems to do it yourself.

Get iterative results faster then a sip of coffee!

Three Pillar Program:

  • For Marketing: Intel data gathering and management

  • For Sales V.P.: Three-dimensional analysis of Competitors  & Customer requirements.

  • For CFO: Pipeline Analysis Sequencing- Identify “pursuits worth pursuing” and determine the maximum resources you should be willing to invest to capture them.

  • For CFO, Product Development, Capture Team, VP Sales:Price-to-Win Monte Carlo analysis based on competitor & cost analysis data.

  • For Capture Team: Structured ‘Lessons Learned’ Post–Award analysis

Game changers are people or organizations that see a new way to complete a task that is more efficient than the traditional methods. These innovations open up a new avenue of economic growth and transform the image of the industry. Big leaders with big ideas are commonplace throughout the business world as every manager strives to become a game changer in their respective field.